What is PCNNZ?

Palliative Care Nurses New Zealand (PCNNZ) is the only organisation in the country which represents nurses from ALL care settings who either work in or have an interest within the speciality of palliative care. We are a non profit making organization who since its conception in 2006 has sought to strengthen the voices of nursing in palliative care.

Why should I join?

The membership entitles you to access to on-line journals, monthly updates and e-newsletters, ability to add your thoughts to national and international submissions on relevant palliative care documents, connection to a network of other like-minded nurses, job/education opportunities within the field of Palliative nursing, reduced rates for PCNNZ conference attendance and with attendance to our sister organisation PCNA, and access to resources such as inks to other sites with an interest in Palliative and End of Life care.

Don't be quiet about the important work you do,stand up and be counted:

How can I join ?

When you join Palliative Care Nurses NZ you are linked to all the resources, information and documents to help you get the most out of your palliative nurse career.

Please click here to become a member

Please be advised that it takes 10 working days for your application (renewal or new membership) to be processed. PCNNZ will contact you then and provide you your receipt of payment and website login details.






Would you like to advertise on our website?

E-mail us at info@pcnnz.co.nz





Palliative Care Nurses New Zealand Inc. Society
The Kaupapa chosen for Palliative Care Nurses NZ is a Maori saying which is applied to those who offer protection to people at risk, a fundamental aspect of nursing care.  It incorporates aspects of a person beyond the physical to include the emotional, spiritual and psychosocial.

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